About Lansing, North Carolina

Lansing, NC is a small rural town in the middle of Ashe County. It was established in 1882 with the
original school being built in 1889. Lansing saw significant economic growth during 1914 – 1916 when
the Virginia Creeper was constructed. The town was incorporated in 1928. This led to a boon in the
logging industry while it was at its highest peak. The post war era saw the lumber industry leave the area
but Lansing served its community by always having a grocery store, restaurant, church and post office.
Lansing stayed about the same for several years until a few years ago. Recently there has been a re-
surgency in Lansing and the historic downtown area. The Creeper Trail Park is home to many activities
throughout the year. Lost Province Cultural Center is blossoming into a center for culture, creativity and
celebration of Appalachian culture. Lansing has seen 6 new businesses open in the recent past and
there are multiple buildings in different stages of renovation. Come to see us and stay a while.

About GLAD - Greater Lansing Area Development

Our mission is to harness Lansing's potential and facilitate economic growth by promoting
environmental awareness, recreation, and a sustainable lifestyle in our town while preserving its historic integrity and charm.
GLAD was formed in 2004 to bring new business and tourism to downtown Lansing and the surrounding
area through town beautification, marketing and branding. The group consists of longtime residents,
new residents, and part time residents. Although it has experienced hardships, Lansing has endless
potential that only needs to be realized and we are seeing robust economic growth over the last 3 years.
 Lansing has much to offer to those looking for a quiet place to call home or for those just passing
through and GLAD is here to make sure Lansing gets the credit it deserves.
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Mailing Address: PO Box 72 Lansing, NC 28643


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